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High quality childcare for children aged 6 weeks to 13 years old. We're Open : 6am - Midnight, Mon - Sat

The Right Choice Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment for all young children, fostering intellectual and emotional development. 

We are here to give your child the highest-quality child care and set them up for success.

Welcome To The Right Choice Academy: The Best Childcare for Woodstock families!

Everything we do is centered around our amazing RCA superstars and it is our mission to provide the highest-quality childcare and education for your child. This is a magical time in your child’s development and it’s our job to provide a place that encourages children to learn and explore the world around them! 

Our child-centered curriculum connects children with the world, bringing cultures together and fostering compassion! We nurture a sense of community with our children and teach them about kindness and empathy, preparing them for academic and personal success.

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What We Believe

The Right Choice Academy’s mission is to give all young children a nurturing and safe atmosphere where they can develop into confident, respectful and lifelong learners. We will ensure that your child receives the best child care and educational services possible. Our daycare aspires to change lives through education and show God's love through the way we treat and value each family. After all, children are our future! 

At The Right Choice Academy, we have a team of childcare experts and educators at the forefront of the latest industry innovations in childhood development and learning. Our unique, child-centered curriculum focuses on empathy, compassion, kindness, and respect for others and the environment. 

Through interactions with other children and educational materials, your child will learn about the world while forming friendships that could last a lifetime.

Amazing Facilities For Your Child

Here's a small sample of some of the great things your child can enjoy when they join our setting…

About Our Woodstock Location

Situated off Hwy 92, our daycare is easy to access via major roads, making it convenient for parents to access during their commute between work and home. 

We work incredibly hard to create the best possible child care service in Woodstock, Georgia. Our team is working continuously to improve our facility and ensure that we are always following the latest and most up-to-date industry practises. 

Our team is here to help your child develop the necessary life skills and self-confidence that will help them confidently enter further education.

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Some of the aspects that make our facility unique include:

International School Curriculum -

learning about a different country each month, with field trips to those countries.

Our very own basketball team!

Our Friendship Garden - learning about and growing fruits or vegetables.

A dynamic playground with Turf instead of Mulch.

Extended opening hours to fit your schedule and needs - 6 am to Midnight, Monday through Saturday.

Animals in the classrooms - including geckos, turtles, fish and guinea pigs.

The Best Childcare and Preschool in Woodstock for your child

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Staff Recruitment

We require on-going training for our staff through state classes, orientation videos, in-house training, and other certified professionals in the education field. All of our teachers hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and are trained in First Aid and CPR.

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We LOVE our team and we're so proud to share some of their thoughts with you ....

Our Commitment To Safety

Here at daycare we take the safety of everyone seriously. We have put protective measures in place throughout our daycare

Now, more than ever, maintaining a safe, clean, secure facility is vital. We have been committed to this cause from day one, and we are fully transparent so that parents can check in at any time.

Cleanliness Protocols

We use [describe cleaner and method] to maintain an environment that stops the spread of germs. We also teach good hygiene, including diligent handwashing.


We strictly limit access to our facility to authorized personnel and parents and family members who have express permission to be here. Your child’s safety is our top priority.


We understand that you’re probably wondering what your child is up to when they’re not with you. That’s why we allow parents to check in by viewing our online streaming service.

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