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About The Right Choice Academy In Woodstock

We are an International School based daycare in Woodstock, specializing in the Reggio Emilia and Montessori curriculum. We focus on cultivating curiosity and compassion allowing our children to become passionate, lifelong learners. 

We care for children from 6 weeks to 13 years old, providing a range of age-appropriate activities and resources to encourage their development right up until they are ready to embark on their next educational adventure.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on culture and creative learning! Blending indoor, outdoor and international classrooms and environments, we can create a space where children feel safe, empowered and ready to learn! 

We believe that emphasizing culture and diversity helps children to learn compassion and tolerance as well as have an appreciation of different cultures and traditions. Our world is becoming increasingly globalized and we aim to give children meaningful interactions with the world around them, developing their curiosity and appreciation for multiculturalism.

Who We Are

The Right Choice Academy is a brand new daycare, founded in 2023 by Princess Shenette Zachary. We decided to do things differently at The Right Choice Academy by creating a state-of-the-art space with a creative curriculum that encourages children to be independent thinkers. 

We believe our innovative and unique approach gives children a bright and positive start in life. We encourage exploration, discovery, emotional intelligence, compassion and building friendships.

About Our Directors

Yolanda Killens

Yolanda Killens is an esteemed Director here at The Right Choice Academy. With an impressive career spanning over three decades in the field of daycare, Yolanda is a true expert when it comes to nurturing and educating young minds. In fact, she even owned and successfully ran her own daycare for 17 years! With her wealth of experience and deep passion for childcare, Yolanda is a true asset to our team and a beloved mentor to the children in our care.

Princess Shenette Zachary

Princess is a seasoned expert in the field of childcare with over 30 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has opened up 14 daycare centers across Georgia and has helped numerous clients establish their own successful child care facilities. As a member of Quality Child Care Consulting, Princess provides valuable consulting services to those looking to improve their child care services or establish their own daycare center. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have made her a trusted advisor and leader in the industry.

The Right Choice Academy’s International School

The Right Choice Academy offers a unique curriculum that aims to provide children with a multicultural and diverse learning experience. We are an international school where children learn about a different country every month, centering our curriculum around the culture, history, language, geography, and customs of that country. This type of education not only allows children to develop a broad understanding of the world but also encourages them to appreciate and respect the differences among people from different countries and cultures.

International School Curriculum

At The Right Choice Academy, we have implemented an International School Curriculum. We provide children with an enriching and unique educational experience. By learning about a different country every month, children can develop a broad understanding of the world and appreciate the diversity of cultures and people. 

Each month is dedicated to learning about a different country. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the country, including its history, culture, and geography. Children will learn about the country’s customs, traditions, and way of life through a variety of age-appropriate activities.

Our International School Curriculum is centered around the country of focus for that month. For example, if the country of focus is France, students would learn about the French language, history, geography, culture and customs. This approach allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the country and its people and helps to develop children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills - setting them up for future academic and personal success. 

Our children also have the opportunity to visit the country of focus for that month. This allows children to experience the country firsthand and see the culture and customs they have learned about in the classroom. Visiting the country provides students with an unforgettable learning experience and helps to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the culture.

As well as visiting the country of focus, we also visit other child care centers in that country. This allows our children to see how other child care centers are run and learn about the cultural similarities and differences. Visiting another child care center also promotes cross-cultural understanding and helps children appreciate the diversity of education and childhood experiences around the world. 

By learning about different countries and cultures, children develop an understanding of the world and the people who live in it. This understanding creates an appreciation for diversity and promotes respect and tolerance. It encourages the development of well-rounded, successful children.

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About Our Woodstock Location

When you visit us here at The Right Choice Academy, you’ll see first-hand what makes us different!

Our setting includes:

  • A dynamic playground with Turf instead of Mulch which provides a safer environment for children and the staff.

  • Animals in the classroom such as geckoes, turtles, fish and guinea pigs. This helps our children to learn about different animals on our planet and fosters care and respect for them.

  • We have extended opening hours to fit your schedule and needs! We are open from 6 am - Midnight, Monday to Saturday.

  • We follow the International School Curriculum, learning about a different country each month and even offer field trips to those countries!

  • Our Friendship Garden which is a farm-to-grow concept that allows each class to cultivate their own fruit or vegetable, fostering pride, accomplishment and natural world learning.

Room 1 - Nemo Room

Infants to 1-year-old

We understand that your infant needs attentive and loving care at all times. Our experienced staff are here to help your little one meet those developmental milestones with a range of sensory activities and age-appropriate toys. We know how precious your child is to you and so we keep our parents up-to-date with regular photos throughout the day - so you can see just what fun activities your child gets up to throughout the day!

Room 2 - Turtle Toddlers


We provide a safe and engaging learning environment for your child to thrive. Our toddler program ensures that your child builds a solid foundation that will set them up for educational and personal success. We follow a child-centered approach that aims to nurture your child’s curiosity through exploration and play. We are here to ensure your child builds a foundation for learning and socialization. We offer age-appropriate activities and projects that allow your child to explore their own interests.

Room 3 - Star Fish

3 to 4-year-olds

We provide a safe and engaging environment for your child to continue to explore their interests and develop those key critical skills. We continue to follow a child-centered approach that aims to nurture your child’s curiosity through exploration and play. Our age-appropriate projects and resources help our children to develop and enhance their cognitive skills, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

Room 4 - Dolphin Kids

Pre-K: 4-year-olds

Our focus for our preschoolers is school readiness.  We are here to make sure your preschooler gets the best start to their education. Our curriculum is built around a wide variety of activities designed to enhance vocabulary, awareness of patterns and sounds in language, letter recognition, social intelligence, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, outdoor play and exploration of art and science.

Room 5 - Shark Tank

After-school Class 5 to 13-years-old

Our daily after-school program takes care of children from kindergarten through to 13 years old. We offer a safe and enriching after–school environment. We assist with homework and still have plenty of time for fun, project-based activities that focus on the child’s individual interests.

What To Expect From The Right Choice Academy

Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare in Woodstock. We want to provide our children with the best possible start to life and set them up for a lifelong love for learning and educational success.

As part of our commitment, we provide all of our kids with:

  • A STEAM-focused curriculum that provides children with engaging and exciting learning experiences.

  • Inclusive environment for all children.

  • The opportunity to explore their own interests and develop lifelong passions. Communication with love and compassion.

  • A supportive environment that celebrates diversity and cultural differences.

  • The opportunity to explore our surroundings with outings including field trips to different countries.

  • Events that allow children to learn more about the world around them.

  • Outdoor play that teaches little ones how to respect and interact with nature in a meaningful way.

  • Animals in the classroom which teaches children how to respect, look after and interact with animals.

GA Child Care And Parent Services

We approve GA Child Care And Parent Services (CAPS) and we are more than happy to assist you with applying for the subsidy. Please contact us at +1 770 575 1934 if you would like more information!

We would be thrilled to have you join our learning center in Woodstock! If you have any questions, please contact us at +1 770 575 1934, email or click the button below to schedule a tour.

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